“Distancing ourselves clearly from self-immolation as a political method is not a betrayal of our sacrificing Tibetan brothers and sisters. Not distancing ourselves means approval and indirect encouragement of a method that is neither humanly sustainable nor politically effective.

Self-immolation is not okay even as the ultimate resort”.

Now I don’t know who Mountain Phoenix is. I’ve only just begun reading her blog this past year, and this week there was a new post published that was unlike anything I’ve read this year regarding the self-immolations in Tibet. The more I read, the more I thought man, this Phoenix is ON POINT. It’s a piece many may disagree with, and I myself am not 100% down with every part of  this post, but she does put into words what I had hoped someone would do for months. Phoenix explains straight up why she believes self-immolations are not a sustainable or…

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